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The contemplative way is not that of figuring out some obscure teaching … but is rather that of learning to see what is before our eyes. James Finley

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folder icon Articles & AV Resources

A collection of articles and audio visual resources related to the following: 

Jules Chevalier, Mary: Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, MSC, Spirituality of the Heart, Formation, Heart Centred Leadership, Laity and Pedagogy of the Heart ....

folder icon Laity of the Chevalier Family: Santo Domingo
Papers presented at the international gathering of the laity of the Chevalier Family in Santo Domingo: November 2008
folder icon Powerpoint Files

Powerpoint presentations about Jules Chevalier, Founder of the MSCs and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

folder icon Parish Resources
folder icon Course Materials

Materials for the following courses: "Spirituality of the Heart" and "Heart Centred Leadership"

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